Mueller “Full Disclosure” is Possible, but Not Probable

Thursday, 21 February, 2019 – 2PM ET:

Robert Mueller’s Report will probably be finished and delivered to the Department of Justice soon. Trump runs the Department of Justice and has stacked the deck with an Attorney General that is not committed to making the Mueller Report public. Ironically, Trump’s own DOJ were the ones tasked by the FBI with investigating his ties to Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.  Any attempts to keep the Mueller Report secret will certainly be met with a Congressional firestorm. Only “Full Disclosure” will satisfy Congress and the American people. Stay tuned.

Trump Appoints Climate Denier to Head New Climate Panel

Thursday, 21 February, 2019 – 1PM ET:

Trump is going to get to the bottom of all this Climate Change business.  He has assembled a panel of “experts” to take a look at Climate Change and how it may effect the Security of the United States.  The new panel will be led by William Happer who calls Carbon Dioxide “a benefit to the planet.”  The scientific world believes CO2 and Methane (natural gas) are the two biggest greenhouse gases we produce in the burning of fossil fuels like coal, gas and oil.  These gases in our atmosphere warm the planet by trapping solar rays that bounce off the surface of the Earth.  Mr. Happer is a retired college professor and has no background in “climatology.”  Happer’s panel will be tasked with making a determination on whether climate change is a security threat. Trump doesn’t believe any of his other advisers, so why would he believe the conclusion of this panel?  Mainly because they have the same “climate denier” stance as Trump. He will hear exactly what he wants to hear. The rest of the world believes the “science.” Trump only believes “evidence” that supports his own beliefs. The fear-mongering conspiracy theories that will be presented to the public on the basis of this Panel’s finding should be extraordinary.                                                  

Trump Has Given Hate Groups a Safe Haven

Thursday, 21 February, 2019 – 1PM ET:

Of course this is based on facts and figures, so Trump will deny any truth to reports from the Southern Poverty Law Center that the number of Hate Groups operating in the United States has grown by 30% since 2015.  The new wave of “Hate” began in the Obama administration after we elected our fist black president. The rise of “Hate” has continued due to what the SPLC calls “The words and imagery out of the Trump administration and Trump himself.” If you leave that door open, eventually something bad will walk through it.                                

Collusion With Russia Before, During and After the Election Campaign

Thursday, 21 February, 2019 – 8AM ET:

At least 17 Trump campaign officials and advisers had connections to Russia during Trump’s election campaign.  Some of those 17 are headed to jailTrump said over and over during the campaign that he had no dealings with Russia “whatsoever.” Prosecutors call it a “sign of guilt” when a suspect repeatedly denies facts in a case that are later proven to be true.  Just denying the facts does not make the evidence go away.  The day after FBI Director James Comey was fired, Trump invited the Russian Foreign Ambassador to the oval office and assured him that the “investigation” had been taken care of. The man in charge of the investigation had been fired and he (Trump) was not being investigated.  This news was later leaked by Russian news agencies.  There is no record of the meeting with the Russian Ambassador. The information was only given to us by the Russians.                            

Trump Left INF Treaty – Russia Warns of New Deployment

Wednesday, 20 February, 2019 – 1PM ET:

Now that Trump dissolved the Intermediate-ranged Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) the arms race is on again. The United States has accused the Russians of breaking the terms of the INF Treaty numerous times, but Putin says the U.S. is to blame for the Treaty’s failure.  As has been mentioned by many, if a law is broken, especially a law as complicated and as delicate as the INF Treaty, you first try to fix it instead of just throwing it in the trash.  Trump just threw the INF Treaty in the trash without consulting his military leaders or intelligence chiefs. Trump had one of his “gut feelings” and pulled the U.S. out of the Treaty with Russia without a back-up plan. Now what?  Another gift to Vladimir Putin.         

Asking For Help in a Crime is “Corrupt Intent”

Wednesday, 20 February, 2019 – 11AM ET:

 The New York Times has reported that Trump asked Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker to replace the federal prosecutor on Michael Cohen’s hush money case in the Southern Federal District of New York with a friendly face. Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napalitano says just asking for some-one’s help to get that done constitutes the crime of “corrupt intent.”  Trump tried to put U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman in charge of Cohen’s investigation with the request to Whitaker. Berman had previously recused himself from the investigation because of his ties to Trump.  Apparently those ties are the reason Trump wanted Berman in charge. The New York Times says Trump “called” Whitaker directly to make the request.                            The call could also amount to “obstruction of justice” charges for Trump. Trump has other troubles that walk around in plain sight.  Attempted intimidation of prosecutors and witnesses in his daily doses of verbal abuse plainly constitute “obstruction of justice” attempts. The ultimate question for Mr. Trump remains however… is Donald Trump an agent of the Russian Government?  Former Assistant FBI Chief Andrew McCabe says “ it is possible.”                       Happy President’s Day Mr. Trump.   By the way… the New York Times report is not covered at all at this morning.

Trump Has Attacked the Mueller Probe 1,100 Times

Tuesday, 19 February, 2019 – 6PM ET:

A new report in the New York Times claims Trump has attacked the Mueller Investigation more than 1,100 times.  His relentless war on the Mueller Investigation includes Obstruction of Justice: Trump tried to intimidate Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker into replacing the head of the Cohen investigation with a friendly prosecutor… Witness Tampering: Trump waved pardon possibilities in front of Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn… Spreading Disinformation: Trump’s press secretary spread the lie that Michael Flynn had been exonerated by investigators when actually he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.